What is
Speech Pathology?

Speech pathology is a health profession that falls under the branch of Health Sciences. Speech pathology, formerly known as speech therapy, encompasses the assessment, diagnosis, management and treatment of those who are unable to communicate effectively. Communication includes talking, hearing, listening, understanding, social skills, reading, writing and voice use. In order to practice as a speech pathologist, clinicians must complete a university course in speech pathology.

 Speech Pathology 

The Kids’ Speech

Here are the things that sets us apart from other businesses:

Individually tailored treatment plans to suit your child’s needs.

Effective case management to ensure that your child’s communication skills continue to grow and flourish in our care. Case management allows us to review your child’s case on a regular basis so that everyone is up to date, which also means that any therapy barriers are addressed promptly using a team based approach.

Guidance of our parents and caregivers through the wonderful and sometimes daunting world of speech pathology, one step at a time.

We walk you through every step so that you remain well supported to help your child with confidence. Understanding that the entire process of speech pathology intervention from before the assessment, the actual assessment, the therapy block and finally discharge, can be overwhelming, costly and at times lengthy.