How to Get Therapy Started At School

Parents and or teachers identify if a child may require speech pathology input

Download the Kids’ Speech Therapy referral form from our website, under “Make a Referral”

 Parent/Carer can complete the form and email it [email protected]

Download Information Brochure »

A member of the Kids’ Speech Therapy team will contact the parent/carer to arrange an appointment

The initial assessment usually occurs at our clinic in Salisbury, where we can meet with parents and discuss concerns face to face

Once the assessment has been completed, a day is arranged for ongoing therapy at school during school hours

Fundings Options
For Therapy

Parents generally pay privately for speech pathology, and may be eligible to access some rebates through their private health insurance fund, depending on their level of cover.

Ask your GP about referring your child to Kids’ Speech Therapy under an Enhanced Primary Care plan, also known as a Chronic Disease Management plan. If deemed eligible by your GP, your child may be able to access Medicare rebates for up to 5 therapy sessions. The rebate for each session is approximately $50.


How to pay for school based services

  • Therapy sessions at school are pre-purchased for each term.
  • One block of therapy at school is usually equal to 10 sessions
  • Any unattended sessions due to illness or school events will be credited to be utilised at a later date