Kids’ Speech Therapy holds regular intensive literacy clinics during the school holiday periods to further assist children already accessing individual therapy.

Our literacy clinic reviews principles from the PAL program while incorporating different themes such as narratives, sentence construction, punctuation and essay writing.  We modify the content ensuring that our sessions are tailored for the children who are attending the clinic.

What:  Intensive Literacy Clinic
Why:  To focus on reading, spelling and writing skills
When:  During the months of April, July, September and January
Three hours per session for three days
Who:  Children who are already receiving therapy from prep – grade 7
How: Small groups with a ration of one speech pathologist to four to six children

For more information, please contact us at [email protected]

Booking is required for our literacy clinics as spaces are limited.

Please note, the clinic will only run if a minimum of three children are scheduled to attend.

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