How to manage if you child needs more than just one type of therapy?

Some children will only experience communication delays with no other difficulties. Other children will demonstrate difficulties with a range of areas including speech, language, physical and cognitive development. The latter are often more complex cases requiring more than just speech pathology support. So as a parent, how do you manage? It is often a good idea to seek a holistic assessment of your child through a paediatrician, who will then track your child’s progress as they continue to develop as they access therapy.

Your speech pathologist can work with your paediatrician and other health professionals who are involved in your child’s care, ensuring that a suitable therapy plan is drafted. It is not uncommon for children to receive two therapies at the same time such as speech pathology as well as occupational therapy or for alternating blocks of therapy to be arranged.

A team based approach facilitates holistic management and ensures that all aspects of your child’s development are considered during therapy planning.

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